All About PPE suits or Protective Coveralls.

By now, each one of you reading this blog is already well versed with the importance of wearing a face mask and PPE suits. Especially, for the people who are healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, and other caregivers).  However, limited people know that there is more to face mask and PPE suits than to simply wear it to prevent the global pandemic, Coronavirus. In our previous blog, you people must have read the guidelines by WHO (World Health Organization) on how to wear a mask and the safety precautionary measures you should take for maximum protection against the crisis. Now, you have a quick guide to the dos and don’ts that you should strictly adhere to when wearing a face mask. In today's blog, we will talk about PPE suits. In today's situation many times we come across this word, let's understand what it is and it's importance.

PPE is actually an acronym stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It is, particularly for medical professionals. It's essential to wear for medical professionals to protect themselves in this pandemic situation as they are on the frontlines to cure the COVID 19 positive patients. Kutehealth cares about them and begins the small venture to design and produce PPE suits.


What is exactly the PPE Suits?

PPE is basically a shield, it works as a boundary between an individual’s eyes, nose mouth, skin, and viral and bacterial infections. PPE includes gloves, medical masks, respirators, eye protection, gowns, and suits. WHO also advises to use PPE properly with other preventive measures control practices such as hand-washing and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently.  PPE minimizes the spread of infection from one person to another. Kindly note that this PPE only advised for the health care workers to wear. It is not recommended for citizens.

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By using appropriate protective clothing, there is a possibility to build a shield in order to reduce contact of droplet exposures and to withstand against the virus, to prevent it's spread.


Can PPE Be Reused or Shared?

In general, most of PPE is designed as single-use and by only one person, because the acronym itself says it's personal’. Hence, washing, reusing, or sharing the equipment with others is not applicable here.

Although medical doctors found that many N95 masks can be reprocessed using vaporized hydrogen peroxide to sterilize them for reuse. But still, it is not advisable by WHO to reuse or sharing of it.


Some Important Points

PPE’s are not advised as an alternative to basic preventive public health measures by WHO such as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette which must be followed at all times. Always maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from contact/suspect/confirmed COVID19 cases. At last, always follow the laid down protocol for disposing of PPE’s as per the detailed infection prevention and control guidelines.


Hope, this was helpful information in the current situation.