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Fashionable masks - A small venture to spread positive attitude in style.

Today the whole world is facing a crisis right now. There is a war against COVID 19 which needs to be won by taking preventive measures. We all are in the middle of this pandemic situation, where it feels like every move of ours could lead us to life-threatening circumstances. The entire world is battling with negativity around them, arise due to this horrifying epidemic. In this current situation, it is essential to take the utmost care of ourselves, practice proper hygienic etiquettes, and pursue the basic preventive measures.   When we talk about preventive measures, washing hands frequently, sanitizing hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and wearing a mask. Here, is our small venture to spread positivity through producing interesting...

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All About PPE suits or Protective Coveralls.

By now, each one of you reading this blog is already well versed with the importance of wearing a face mask and PPE suits. Especially, for the people who are healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, and other caregivers).  However, limited people know that there is more to face mask and PPE suits than to simply wear it to prevent the global pandemic, Coronavirus. In our previous blog, you people must have read the guidelines by WHO (World Health Organization) on how to wear a mask and the safety precautionary measures you should take for maximum protection against the crisis. Now, you have a quick guide to the dos and don’ts that you should strictly adhere to when wearing a face mask....

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N95 Masks Are Not Recommended For The General Public

As the coronavirus outbreak progressed globally, more and more people went shopping for an N95 mask, surgical masks, goggles, and other protective equipment. Masks are an important means of protection. Mask type, ordinary non-professional use of ordinary surgical mask, is commonly known as a disposable face mask. Professionals relatively strong, such as hospitals, disease control personnel using surgical masks. Laboratory workers, doctors rescuing patients, use surgical masks that prevent spillage. When people need to wear masks daily, it is recommended to use disposable face masks. It is recommended to replace the mask if it is wet or dirty. If this does not occur, the mask can be used repeatedly. One is to avoid more waste and to put less pressure...

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Global masks "crazy": a special mask production competition

At a U.S. Senate Health Committee hearing on March 3, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Cardlake said that if an outbreak occurs in the United States, US medical staff currently needs 3.5 billion masks, and there are now about 35 million masks. He said Only 10%. But according to this calculation, inventory masks only account for 1% of the required; Recently, South Korea sold a total of 700,000 masks through post offices located in various eups and noodles across the country. Buyers can only buy one set of 5 masks at a time, and the distribution of masks is biased towards the areas of Daegu and Cheongdo where the number of diagnosed surges; On February 28, the...

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Media focus: emergency supplies of face masks appear in the world

Report on March 5 The media said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic storm swept the world, and the masks became the global focus for a while. Global Shortage According to a report from the US "Critical Point" website on March 3, the World Health Organization warned in a statement on the 3rd that panic buying of masks could lead to "life at risk" for medical personnel.It is reported that the frightened public has been snapping up masks and other equipment recently, resulting in very limited supply to the medical staff who most need this equipment.At present, health experts, including experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, do not recommend that healthy people wear masks to prevent diseases...

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