Fashionable masks - A small venture to spread positive attitude in style.

Today the whole world is facing a crisis right now. There is a war against COVID 19 which needs to be won by taking preventive measures. We all are in the middle of this pandemic situation, where it feels like every move of ours could lead us to life-threatening circumstances. The entire world is battling with negativity around them, arise due to this horrifying epidemic. In this current situation, it is essential to take the utmost care of ourselves, practice proper hygienic etiquettes, and pursue the basic preventive measures.


When we talk about preventive measures, washing hands frequently, sanitizing hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer, and wearing a mask. Here, is our small venture to spread positivity through producing interesting masks. A neat effort to bring some positiveness in such pandemic conditions through the medium in which we are good at.


Introducing a new product in Kutehealth, that is a fashion designer mask. We have made a small effort to make the regular boring masks interesting. In the collection of our new masks, we have a variety of masks. We have explored several techniques such as embroidery, some embellishments, some prints, textures, colors, and many more.


Embroidered Masks

The embellishment on the mask is done by doing embroidery of some classy and trendy motifs. Which gives masks a unique look. Some of the products are handcrafted also, that is some masks are embellished by hand embroidery.

Embroidered mask, reusable mask, fashion mask,

Printed Masks

The masks are made from some selected exotic prints, which makes the masks more interesting. Some prints you might find commonly used in our apparel. Such masks can be matched with your outfits.

Printed mask, fashion mask, protective mask, washable mask

Printed mask, fashion mask, reusable mask, washable mask, protective mask

Leaf printed mask, fashion mask, washable mask, reusable mask

Plain Mask

The plain mask is all about the masks from plain fabric. Cotton and linen fabrics are used to produce these masks.  To make it more comfortable for the wearer, there are adjustable elastic earloops. These plain masks can be a good choice to match with any printed outfits.

Plain mask, fashion mask, washable mask, reusable mask

reusable mask, washable mask, fashion mask

This was all about our small venture to bring some positivity around. If you found this venture interesting we will be happy to serve you. Check out our website for more details about these exquisite products. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, be safe, be positive.  

fashion mask, washable mask, reusable mask