N95 Masks Are Not Recommended For The General Public

As the coronavirus outbreak progressed globally, more and more people went shopping for an N95 mask, surgical masks, goggles, and other protective equipment.

Masks are an important means of protection. Mask type, ordinary non-professional use of ordinary surgical mask, is commonly known as a disposable face mask. Professionals relatively strong, such as hospitals, disease control personnel using surgical masks. Laboratory workers, doctors rescuing patients, use surgical masks that prevent spillage. When people need to wear masks daily, it is recommended to use disposable face masks. It is recommended to replace the mask if it is wet or dirty. If this does not occur, the mask can be used repeatedly. One is to avoid more waste and to put less pressure on the sector that handles it. We often say the N95 mask, the general public is not recommended to promote the use of its ventilation effect is not as good as a surgical mask.

N95 mask refers to the ability to filter out 95% of the particles in the air through a mask. Thus, N90 refers to the ability to filter out 90% of particulate matter in the air, which is 5% lower than the filtration level of the N95 mask.

In a clinical sense, there is no significant difference in the efficacy of common surgical masks and N95 masks in preventing infectious acute respiratory tract infections. N95 masks are used in special places. Many media appeal together, ask the public to leave the N95 mask to the frontline medical staff!

For the general public, let the N95 mask to the front line of the "battlefield" to show great power, far more effective than their own to prevent and control the epidemic.

If you are not in the center of the epidemic area, wearing a disposable face mask can also play a very good protective role.

Some people might think, "is it better to buy an N95 mask?”

There's no need, people are not advised to wear N95 masks for a long time under normal circumstances, if you wear an N95 mask for more than 4 hours, your lungs will be affected. A KuteHealth disposable face mask is already rich.

The main thing we can do is prevent virus transmission in the droplets. Surgical masks with a filtration efficiency of 30% can be used. Disposable face mask with a filtration efficiency of 90% is, of course, more powerful.

If you need to contact people because of your work, wear a mask even if it is necessary outdoors. Masks are also needed when living indoors with healthy people who may be at risk. Also, do not throw disposable surgical masks when they are discarded. Now occasionally can see the situation of litter, must be by the household garbage classification for treatment.

When buying, how to buy an appropriate mask? Choose a mask suitable for your own protection needs. From a professional point of view, choose their own protection needs. common people need not go to a key area and a line, health care workers need high-grade masks, such as an N95 mask. Ordinary place, wear a disposable mask is ok because everybody is healthy. Before the coronavirus cure was developed, can undertake certain protection. Citizens are safe in their homes unless they are sick and need to wear masks.


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